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We all know the real world of work can be challenging and throw up problems and hurdles just when you don’t need them. That’s why we’ve created a culture that works for the real world: real people to real people, ready to help, at any time of day. Because that’s what makes us human.

We know in the real world, there is seldom a standard business with a standard answer for the comms packages you need, so we’ll treat you like a real individual. If your circumstances change, we make it as easy for you to flex mid contract. If we can get you a better deal, we’ll tell you. If we can’t, we’re honest and will tell you upfront.

From day one of your business, ‘how’ you do, not just ‘what’ you do, is a principle you were founded on. That’s why we fit to your way, not the other way round.

The Secret To Great
Customer Service…

Don’t Have A Customer
Service Department!

You, me and 1823 Group service & support levels

We have 2 levels of service and support for business telecoms for you to choose from.

Level 1:

In the event of any problems, the entire organisation becomes aware and drops literally everything to identify what has happened and why.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s out of hours, weekends, or summer holidays. It also doesn’t matter how large or small a customer you are.

There is no let up in our efforts until the problems are sorted. There is no ‘hold while I pass you over to John in support’, there is no ‘Ahh, that’s technically not our responsibility’, there is no squirming, contract checking, clause finding, there’s just sort the ^%£ out of it immediately.

Level 2:

I marry you in order to be continually with you every second of your work day.
We commute together, eat together, and holiday in Portugal together. I sort the problems before you know about them.
We have 3 children named after my favourite rugby players.

So far no one has asked us for Level 2.

Current customer happiness score

Products & Services

We figure the last thing you have time for is reading reams of product information, so we want to help guide you by being transparent and straight talking from the outset, which involves less of us talking about us, and more of us listening to you. And if you already have the best deal on offer, we’ll tell you. If not, we’ll also tell you and do our best to get you what you need. The most natural way to do this is on the phone or face to face, but for now here’s a flavour of what we can offer.

You, me, and
giving for free

When we set up the business, giving back was the agenda (not an AOB at the bottom of the business plan). Because we know we’re lucky to be in our world and want to make a difference in others.

Which means we can help you give back to any community you want to on a regular monthly basis, totally free. Not as a ‘bolt on’ because it looks good, but because you’ve made a conscious choice to work with a supplier who holds the same values as you do.

Every time you buy something from us, however big or small, we commit to giving a significant amount of our profits to a charity or project. Where the sums add up each month, we let you choose a charity that appeals to your business or employees most and we donate to them on your behalf each month.

What our customers say and how they give back

‘We love the way they just roll up their sleeves and get the job done. No red tape. It’s a complete Godsend.’

Annette Brown
IT Manager
Millbank LLP

>1000 people
£830m revenue

What our customers say and how they give back

‘This can be such a faceless industry and these guys and the whole team behind them are just so approachable and helpful. I feel they have a real understanding of what we’re trying to achieve for our business.’

Project Manager
The Venmore Group

100 employees

What our customers say and how they give back

‘It has been a proper partnership from day one – they are on exactly the same page. You don’t get that with the bigger players.’

Brian Cook
IT Manager
TXM Group

320 employees
£192m revenue

with the
1823 name?

Getting cozy with you, me, and 1823

Pre business, one of our founders served in the military and had it drummed into them the absolute necessity of discipline, being true to your word, and selfless service.

And the other played professional rugby, saw first-hand the power of the team, not letting anyone down, and the sense of solidarity and belonging.

These unusual backgrounds taught us both the value in team and service. And not letting problems get the better of us.

When we were thinking of a name for a new kind of company that delivered levels of service unseen in telecoms it was an easy choice: the date when rugby was invented that inspired our core principles.

And then we recruited people who share our passion and values.

Steve Dunn


Gareth Hardy


Aurelie Zahm

Managing Director

Get in

Hopefully, ‘You, me, and 1823’ is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise faceless category. We’d love to continue the conversation.

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